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Polar Fleece


2012-03-13 20:16:38

Fleece knitted fabrics is one kind, in the early ninety's in China Taiwan production it is a small gold knitted structure, on a circular knitting machine knitting to become, after weaving fabric after dyeing, then by napping, wool, wool, fleece and other complex finishing processing, fabric has a nap, fleece dense and fluffy not linting, pilling, negative nap sparse thin symmetrical, hair missing, tissue texture clear, fluffy elastic especially good. Its ingredients are generally polyester, soft to the touch. It is nearly two years domestic winter cold is the preferred product. In addition to fleece fabrics can also be combined with all treatment, so that the warm effect is better. For example: fleece and polar fleece fleece composite, fleece velvet with denim composite, fleece cashmere and cashmere composite, fleece suede and mesh cloth composite intermediate waterproof breathable membrane and so on.

In ninety time metaphase, Fujian Quanzhou region also began the production of fleece, they are generally Taiwan technology. At that time, the relatively high price. Later in Zhejiang and Jiangsu of Changshu, Wuxi and Changzhou also started production of fleece. In our domestic fleece production level, Jiangsu region of the fleece quality is good, Zhejiang region of the fleece price comparatively well. The fleece is plain and printing division, solid color fleece according to individual requirements are different, can divide for pumping a fleece ( Drop-needle polar fleece ), embossed fleece ( emboss polar fleece ), jacquard polar fleece ( jacquard polar fleece ) etc.. Polar fleece printing based on the printing paste, a penetrating printing, plastic paddle printing, transfer printing color more than 200 varieties. This fabric novel flower type, color rich and colorful, lattice type natural flow, by people of all ages.

In general, fleece price than woolen fabric price low. There are a lot of clothes, scarves are directly used in polyester 150D96F fleece. General garment inner fleece quality requirements are not too high.

Fleece: general polyester ( 100%polyester ).

According to the specifications of polyester filament is subdivided into: ( filament ) ( spun ), staple fiber, superfine fiber ( Micro-polar fleece ).

Among them, the best quality of superfine, price is the highest! In addition, still pumping fleece ( Drop-needle polar fleece ), which accounts for the proportion is larger.

Is the same, and joined the polyurethane ( spandex ) fleece, because quality is more difficult to grasp, technology still needs further improvement.

Fleece to Zhejiang's cheaper, but quality is very hard to say, Shanghai fleece quality can also be, but the high price of Suzhou; both the quality and price in between the two, in the middle position.

Fleece is divided into long and short fiber:

Staple fleece than long fiber fleece price slightly higher.

Staple fleece is generally composed of 32S polyester yarn, its English ( 100% Polyester Spun polar fleece ) which gray fleece it also belongs to the spun fleece.

Long fiber fleece is generally composed of polyester filament fabric, can have full polyester 150D96F, 150D48F, 150D144F, 150D288F, 75D72F, 75D144F, 100D144F, 100D288F and so on woven. The English expression ( 100% polyester filament polar fleece ), in general, higher values of F, fabric feels very good, fleece price is higher also. For example, 100D144F, 150D144F fleece they belong to is ultra-fine fleece.

Long fiber fleece can be divided into low elater fleece ( DTY ), light wire (FDY ) their English expression is ( 100% polyester Micro-polar fleece ). In general, making the long fiber blanket fleece majority.

Fleece can make clothes, price from 300 --- 2000 yuan rmb. In addition to fleece can make bedding, carpets, coat, jacket, vest, windbreaker, cheerleaders with team logo, fleece gloves, scarves, hats, pillow, cushion and so on.

Now exports to the United States, Japan, Korea, Canada and other countries.