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Raschel Blanket


2012-03-13 20:09:06

Raschel blanket is the best quality, Raschel ( RASCHEL ) fabric itself is just such a fiber, fabric used for raschel knitting named. Many blankets are usually called Raschel blankets, because this blanket is acrylic yarn as raw material, through the blanket, Raschel warp knitting machine, so the name. Raschel blanket ( LASCHEL BLANKET ) is the use of Raschel warp knitting machine, cashmere, printing, finishing by cutting and sewing edge made of. The so-called" Raschel " is an invention of the warp knitting machine person name.

Since 1775 the world's production of the first warp knitting machine, to 1945 the rapid development of chemical fibre industry, various deformation silk filament appears in succession, and low elastic yarn warp knitting industry application, to get a real development. While the Raschel acrylic blankets nineteen sixties originated in Germany, the earlier is mainly applied to the automobile inner decoration. Because of its soft, tufts, Mao Ganqiang, full color pattern be good to hear or see, is entering the family, becomes the family bedding.

Raschel acrylic blankets is currently China's largest production enterprise of raschel blanket, the highest yield, the most widely used, the largest export volume of varieties.

Raschel function

One, winter can be used as a blanket and warm Raschel be, lie above, will let you forget all the troubles and cold, instantaneous into the warm state, get a good night's sleep, therefore raschel blanket can help you improve sleep quality.

In two, and can be used as a thin, soft and not lose its function of keeping warm, personal but very breathable, is a rare bedding.

Three, is an ideal summer summer was ( double summer not too appropriate ), although it feels fluffy feeling, but even thickening Raschel, cover the body is breathable and comfortable. Very suitable for home! Acrylic Raschel is the latest, the best-selling one of the fabrics. Products with soft, delicate texture, environmental protection and other features. Mainly used for high-grade blankets, fur trim, high-grade fabric toys, car decoration, warm coat dress, now mainly used for blankets.

Raschel characteristics

Imported superfine warm acrylic fiber as raw material. Compared with other textiles, its advantages: feel very comfortable and soft, fine fiber, not Diaomao, warm and breathable, digital staining, bright color, do not fade, because of the unique technology of raschel knitting, raschel blanket than ordinary blanket thick and dense, warmth retention properties of the one and only, so the price was lower than the ordinary blanket slightly higher.

Washing method

1, wash: blankets folded into the mesh bag is put into the washing machine, the general detergent, at room temperature without cleaning, bleaching washing. After cleaning

Bi Ziran dry, do not use rotating cage type drying, no ironing.

In 2, hand wash: the blanket flat folded into the cylinder, using the general household detergent, at room temperature, soaking 20-30 minutes, gently squeeze

Pressure or pedal. After cleaning the extrusion flow dry, dry naturally, do not iron